Ruins Exterior

For details on how to go through the Ancient Ruins please see the Sidequest for the Ancient Ruins please.

A mystic and old ruins that appear in Europe once someone reads the secret message inside the Book of Rituals. The Ancient Ruins contain Alice's best armor and Halley's best weapon.


This dungeon becomes available after obtaining the Book of Rituals and viewing it in the Valuables menu. Similarly to the Cave Temple, you can go through this dungeon again with a different route if you re-examine the Book of Rituals fter having been through the dungeon once. This allows you to battle Seraphim.

11-052 11


26-052 20


Boss: Seraphim



  • Lottery Ticket
  • Angel Earrings


The music that plays throughout this dungeon is "Don't Cry My Vampire" from the Shadow Hearts OST.

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