Anastasia uses modified Fabergé Eggs to attack her foes.

White SwanEdit

White swan
"Defensive weapon made from an Easter Egg."

Japanese Name: ホワイトスワン (Howaito Suwan)


  • P-ATK: 56
  • S-ATK: 63

Cost: 3540

Sell: 1770

Obtained: Anastasia's default weapon; Petrograd; Idar Flamme


A beautiful Ukrainian Easter egg, modified into a superb defensive weapon. Sprouts wings and takes flight to protect the owner during combat.

Blue SerpentEdit

Blue serpant
"An Easter Egg made from a reptile egg."

Japanese Name: ブルーサーペント (Burū Sāpento)


  • P-ATK: 75
  • S-ATK: 84

Cost: 5320

Sell: 2660

Obtained: Petrograd; Idar Flamme; Brick Warehouses; Foreigner's Cemetary


Easter egg portraying twin poisonous snakes. Far softer than it looks, it elongates into a fang-like shape during combat.

Red PeacockEdit

Red peacock
"An Easter Egg made from a peacock egg."

Japanese Name: 紅孔雀


  • P-ATK: 99
  • S-ATK: 110

Cost: 7970

Sell: 3985

Obtained: Brick Warehouses; Nihonbashi; Yokohama Streets; Foreigner's Cemetery; Forest of Wind


An Easter egg made from a peacock egg. Uses a special technique to convert physical impacts into heat.

Snow FlowerEdit

Snow flower
"A ceramic Easter egg inscribed with a snow motif."

Japanese Name: 雪風花


  • P-ATK: 129
  • S-ATK: 142

Cost: 5980

Sell: 2990

Obtained: Nihonbashi; Forest of Wind; Inugami Village


Ceramic egg with a snow motif. A valuable Japanese antique, it can convert physical impacts into cold that is used as a "frostbite attack."


"A children's toy made with safety in mind."

Japanese Name: 光のたまご (Hikari no Tamago)


  • P-ATK: 166
  • S-ATK: 181

Cost: 8970

Sell: 4485

Obtained: Inugami Village


The final work of a late master of creating safe toys. Normally just a ball, but when danger approaches, it activates built-in defenses.

Steel EggEdit

Steel egg
"An Easter Egg created by an unknown technology."

Japanese Name: スチールブラック (Suchīru Burakku)


  • P-ATK: 178
  • S-ATK: 194

Cost: -


Obtained: Win the Monster Quiz in Yokohama Streets.


A dark-colored mechanical egg, made by an unfathomable alien technology. Analyzes attacks to determine an enemy's precise weakness.

Gold AngelEdit

Gold angel
"The ultimate Easter Egg. Made for Anastasia."

Japanese Name: ゴールドエンゼル (Gōrudo Enzeru)


  • P-ATK: 190
  • S-ATK: 207

Cost: -


Obtained: Collect 5 Silver Angels and hand them to Edgar in Petrograd.


The ultimate egg, created from cursed gold and enchanted stones. A priceless treasure that is steeped in the memories of Edgar and his father.

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