Amphisbaena (アンフィスバエナ)
SHCDC Nahashu Temple Anfibeena1
Shadow Hearts: Covenant
HP Unknown
MP Unknown
Location Nahash Temple
Element Earth
  • Phys Attack Down
  • Rock Storm
EXP Gained
Souls Gained

Creature found in Nahash Temple, in the Director's Cut edition of the game.

Bestiary EntryEdit


Rough translation:
From Ethiopian folklore comes this two-headed snake. The head on the right can bite with a deadly poison, causing certain death. But should its victim cry tears of supplication, a detocifying bite from the left head can cure it.


The creatures derives from Greek mythology, having been spawned from the blood dripping from Medusa's severed head. In contrast to the bestiary entry, both heads were said to be poisonous.

The name is shared with a genus of legless lizards.