Amon SH(Boss)
Shadow Hearts
HP 4000
MP 900
Location Neam Ruins
Element Non-elemental
  • Demon Rays - Deals ~300 damage to one.
  • Atomic Dust - Deals 150-200 damage to all.
Immunities Status Ailments
EXP Gained 35,000
Cash 32,400
Drops Angel Earrings

Amon Fusion Soul

Amon is a boss in the game Shadow Hearts. Under certain conditions, defeat will grant Yuri the ability to fuse with Amon.

Bestiary InfoEdit

Demon that appears in King Solomon's book of magic, Lemegeton. A violent, evil, and cruel soul. Its appearance signifies the end of the world.


Alice should keep using Arc whenever possible to balance out the damage dealt by Demon Rays and Atomic Dust. With Yuri, use either the strongest Fire fusion available, boost his attack, and keep hitting Amon with physical combos, or the strongest Light fusion available in case you need two healers. The third character in your party should support the other two, keeping their MP and SP from running out.

If one has defeated Amon and has the Destruction Stone, they will gain him as a fusion.


Amon is one of the 72 Goetic demons. He is also a Marquis of Hell, and appears as a wolf with a snake's tail. It is said that, in the command of a mage, he can take the shape of a man with a raven's head. He is said to tell all things of the future and the past. Some demonologists think his name is associated with the Egyptian god Amun. Other demons that appear in Shadow Hearts are Mammon, Gaap, Asmodeus, and Astaroth.

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