One of the three Gods of Destruction, it is a powerful demon and is one of the more powerful of Yuri's fusions. It appears as both a boss and fusion in Shadow Hearts and Shadow Hearts: Covenant.


Amon - As seen in Shadow Hearts


Arrayed in black, the Lord of all the soul spirits is said to have a powerful influence on Life, Death and even Kharma.

The God of Wrath. Comprising all classes, it has immense power, but only lends it to those with strong wills that aren't seduced by the power of destruction.

Shadow HeartsEdit

The second strongest Fusion soul in Shadow Hearts. Obtained after fighting Albert Simon, in the dungeon under Nemeton Monastery, only if you collected the Destruction Stone beforehand. As a result, it is an entirely optional and missable fusion. It costs 56 Sanity Points to fuse with Amon.

Shadow Hearts: CovenantEdit

ShII uru fusion 19 1

Amon - As seen in Shadow Hearts: Covenant

Amon features heavily in the main plot of the game, being the key to defeating the other "Gods of Destruction"; Astaroth and Asmodeus. He is first seen in the sleepy town of Domremy protecting it from the invading German army, and saving the life of the German officer, Karin Koenig. Intrigued by the strange beast, she, and a representative from the Vatican, Nicolai Conrad travel again to the town, armed with the Holy Mistletoe for protection.

After he is stabbed with the mistletoe, which drains the victim of their powers, Yuri is unable to access Amon until later in the game.

Amon is unlocked when Yuri and Karin enter Yuri's soul to restore his power. Fusing with Amon consumes 5 Sanity Points per turn.


Name MP Cost Description Image
Mind/Body Revival 65MP Restores target's HP and cures unconsciousness Amonmove1
Demon Rays 86MP Damages target with demonic Light Amonmove2
The End* 100MP Inflicts Heavy non-class damage on all enemies. Obtained once Yuri goes beserk as Amon. Amonmove3

Name MP Cost Description Image
Mind/Body Revival 48MP Restores target's HP and cures unconsciousness Amonyuri1
Demon Rays 36MP Damages target in a line with demonic Light Amonyuri2
The End 54MP Inflicts Heavy non-class damage on all enemies, attacks a medium area. Amonyuri3



Amon is one of the 72 Goetic demons, he is a Marquis of Hell, he appears as a wolf with a snake's tail, it is said in the command of a mage can take shape of a man with a ravine's head. He is said to tell all things of the future and the past. Some demonologists think his name is associated with the egyptian god Amun.

Amon is called the "God of Wrath" by Jovis Abraham this maybe be cause of Peter Binsfeld classification of demons. Amon is classified as a prince of hell and the demon of Wrath.