Alice uses books for her weapons, comically using them to bash her enemies with.

Small BibleEdit

Small bible

"Written on sheepskin, it holds great power."


  • P-ATK: -
  • S-ATK: -

Cost: -

Sell: 360

Obtained: Alice comes equipped with this weapon.


Sheepskin engraved bible containing the written word of God. It's holy power may be discovered only by the true believer.

Tome of the Shooting StarEdit

Tome of the shooting star

"Superb manuscript about a fabled continent."

Also known as ShootingStarTome.


  • P-ATK: 8
  • S-ATK: 13

Cost: 1420

Sell: 710

Obtained: Fengtian, Dalian


Antique book about a fabled continent that sank into the sea beneath a falling star. Lovingly transcribed from the original and very valuable.

Tome of the MoonEdit

Tome of the moon

"Black velvet book with details about magic arts."


  • P-ATK: 17
  • S-ATK: 23

Cost: 3000

Sell: 1500

Obtained: Shanghai, Temple Ruins, Kuihai Tower


Ancient book of magic encased in a black velvet cover. It is written with elegant calligraphy and embossed in gold leaf.

Tome of the SunEdit

Tome of the sun

"Book of anti-magic to counter Tome of the Moon."


  • P-ATK: 30
  • S-ATK: 39

Cost: 6020

Sell: 3010

Obtained: Bistritz


Ancient book of curse removal and magic-blocking. Extremely difficult to read, but legends say if done so with a pure heart, it can redeem an entire nation.


Ever bible

"Holy book embedded with shining blue crystals."


  • P-ATK: 53
  • S-ATK: 64

Cost: 9800

Sell: 4900

Obtained: London - Old Castle Street


Ancient holy book embedded with shining blue crystals. Necessary for performing an exorcism ritual on a possessed woman.

Grand BibleEdit

Grand bible

"Holy book of prophecy with great spiritual power."


  • P-ATK: 65
  • S-ATK: 77

Cost: 17,400

Sell: 8700

Obtained: Nemeton Monastery


Only the greatest of holy leaders may possess this book of prophecy. The book itself carries great mystical power.

Holy Book of the MartyrsEdit

Holy book of the martyr

"Ancient book stained with the blood of martyrs."


  • P-ATK: 72
  • S-ATK: 84

Cost: -

Sell: 15780

Obtained: Nemeton Monastery


Holy book stained with the blood of martyrs who labored for countless years in service against the forces of evil. Strong spiritual power.

Holy Book of FleshEdit

Holy book of the flesh

"Holy book made from the flesh of a saint."


  • P-ATK: 85
  • S-ATK: 89

Cost: -

Sell: 21600

Obtained: Dollhouse (Orb Chaos drop)


After the death of Rafaelo, his flesh was used to make this book. To a good person it can bring blessings, but to others it may open the very doors of hell.